“Our employees are the backbone of our company, and they should always feel appreciated for their commitment to our success.”

Jim Kennedy Jr.

The words my father spoke during his tenure as owner and CEO of Kenco all those years ago, still ring true today. This year Kenco celebrates a record 67 years of business, and in turn, we celebrated Kenco’s 5th Founder’s Day celebration.

The purpose of Founders’ Day is to recognize our three founders, my father, Jim Kennedy Jr., my grandfather Jim Kennedy Sr., and my Uncle Sam Smartt Sr. We take this time to remember our heritage and what binds us together. It is also a wonderful opportunity for the Kennedy and Smartt families to say “thank you” to our associates.

Being cognizant of how our associates are being taken care of was a weekly, if not a daily concern of my father’s. This dedication to our associates has made us more than a company; I feel it has made us a family.

2017 thus far has been a wonderful year for Kenco; I am especially proud of the accomplishments we as a company have achieved so far:

  • We announced the appointment of Denis Reilly as President and CEO. With more than 30 years of experience in the logistics industry, Denis will be tasked with building on Kenco’s strong position in the industry, and with continuing to enhance our organizational capacity and strategic focus. I will continue to serve as Owner and Chairwoman of the Board for Kenco.
  • Kenco has created an online application called LoadProof. We have rolled the app out to a number of our customers and made it available to the public so companies everywhere can enjoy the cost and efficiency benefits that come from enhanced visibility. We’re excited at how well the app has been received: LoadProof is currently a finalist for The CSCMP and Supply Chain Brain Supply Chain Innovation Award, which will be announced at CSCMP in late September.
  • Locatible is an innovative location tracking solution provider and developer of the next generation in warehouse location tracking. Kenco has had the great privilege to prototype and pilot the deployment of the application in our Material Handling Equipment business unit as well as aid in the development of other use cases.
  • For the 5th year in a row Kenco has had the honor to be awarded a place on the Inbound Logistics Top 10 3PL list by our customers.
  • We have new business with customers in the eCommerce, retail, packaged goods, building supplies, flooring, food, and industrial markets.


On behalf of the Kenco shareholders and Board, I want to thank everyone for helping us to achieve a record 67 years of business. With our continued dedication to being honest, serving, and getting better I hope the next 67 years will be as rewarding as the last.