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At Kenco, we embrace collaborative innovation and pragmatic technology adoption to help our customers reach their supply chain goals—whether it’s to boost customer satisfaction, drive down costs, increase capacity and meet demand, or retain employees.

“In the logistics industry, experience is the new differentiator and the opening of the Kenco Innovation Lab facility will only heighten our industry experience and insight. Our work in the Innovation Lab has already brought value to our customers. This lab facility will provide a formal space to review, research and promote technology to only further assist in our goal to provide the greatest insight to our customers.”

— Kristi Montgomery, Vice President of Innovation at Kenco

What is
Kenco’s Innovation Lab?

Kenco’s Innovation Lab is our commitment to continuous improvement for our customers. A 10,000 square foot warehouse based in Chattanooga, TN, the Innovation Lab is dedicated to researching, testing, and vetting new supply chain technologies and ideas in a controlled setting.

Over $5M

Savings Identified Within First Year of Our 2019 Expansion

From the Innovation Lab
to the Warehouse Floor

Many of the new solutions pioneered in the Innovation Lab are eventually implemented in production in our warehouses or transportation fleet.

Putting Innovation to Action

With thoughtful adoption of technology, Kenco is driving new efficiencies and value for our customers.

Optimizing Warehouse Storage

Optimizing Warehouse Storage

We keep costs low with intelligent warehouse storage and optimization. Kenco’s proprietary software, Slot DC, provides AI-powered recommendations for optimal slotting, zoning, and picking.

Faster, More Accurate Picking & Fulfillment

Faster, More Accurate Picking & Fulfillment

In many of our warehouses, we’ve implemented material handling automation and robotics to lighten the load on associates and boost our output and productivity rates.

Reducing Material Handling downtime

Reducing Material Handling downtime

Kenco FleetCloud is an MH telematics solution designed to provide visibility and maintain equipment. Leveraging a pre-use activation safety checklist and Real-Time Location Services (RTLS), FleetCloud provides more control over expensive, costly-to-replace MH.

Optimizing Transportation

Optimizing Transportation

Kenco’s transportation technology innovations help cut costs, optimize routes, provide better product visibility, and keep drivers safe.

Keeping Associates
& Drivers Safe

Safety is an innate part of Kenco’s operations. We take every opportunity to test and implement new technologies to keep our associates safe on the job. For our drivers, vehicles are equipped with SmartDrive technology to detect and prevent potential collisions. Associates on the warehouse floor are given high-performance PPE and exoskeletons to prevent injury.

Human-Centric Design Through Our Value Creation Workshops

Our approach to problem solving starts by working directly with the customers and users closest to the challenge at hand. Through collaboration, experimentation, and iteration, we develop purposeful solutions proven to add value to your supply chain.


We gather both qualitative and quantitative data for complete and thorough understanding of the need, issue, or problem.


Through highly interactive and collaborative brainstorming sessions, we generate new ideas and prioritize our top choices.


The outcome for this phase is to develop a plan for a minimum viable product (MVP), including resourcing, budgeting, and developing impact studies.


We implement the prototype, gather feedback, and consolidate results in a comprehensive Proof of Concept report.


We plan and prepare for the development and rollout of a full solution, including an implementation and communication plan.

The Kenco Way