Business Intelligence
& Analytics

Data drives our decision-making at Kenco. With our business intelligence and analytics solutions, get the real-time visibility you need to optimize every facet of your supply chain operations, including fulfillment, forecasting, MHE asset tracking, labor management, transportation, and more.

360 Degree Supply Chain Visibility with Kenco UNIFY

Track key metrics and KPIs with Kenco’s proprietary business intelligence tool, UNIFY. UNIFY consolidates data across multiple supply chain software solutions into a single source of truth. Leverage real-time data and actionable insight for more informed and proactive decision-making.


  • Right-size your MHE fleet and proactively maintain equipment
  • Manage workforces and staff accordingly
  • Right-size your inventory
  • Enhance your customer service
  • Plan your labor in real-time
  • Predict your customer demand
  • Optimize your travel paths inside your DC’s
  • Ensure sustainability and mitigate risk
  • Gain visibility to your end-to-end supply chain
  • Predict equipment maintenance requirements

Make real-time decisions
with the help of Control Tower


Get optimal zoning and slotting
recommendations with Slot DC

Work smarter and achieve more with
Kenco’s Labor Management System

The Kenco Way

Kenco Forecasts Order Volume with 89% Accuracy for Consumer Healthcare Product Company

Kenco boosted order volume prediction accuracy by 21%, saving one healthcare product company $260K in labor costs.