Reap the benefits of our integrated supply chain solutions. Our solutions teams work together as one unit so you achieve more streamlined, efficient logistics operations and a better customer experience.

Multiple Services, One End-to-End Solution

When you allow Kenco to be your single point of contact for all your logistics needs, you open the doors to more
seamless operations and lower costs—not to mention peace of mind and confidence.


Average Inventory Accuracy


Average MHE Cost Reduction


Average On-time Shipping


Average Order Accuracy

Integrated Solutions

Warehousing &

Meet today’s supply chain challenges head on with Kenco’s flexible warehousing and distribution services. Our custom warehousing solutions help get your products out to market quickly and cost-effectively, while upholding the highest standards for quality and safety.

Kenco MHE

Kenco’s comprehensive material handling services help extend the life of forklifts and critical machinery while enabling safer and more efficient warehouse operations.


Get your goods from point A to B—quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. Kenco’s comprehensive suite of transportation services reduces costs and provides crystal clear transit visibility.


Exceed customer expectations and stay one step ahead of the competition with Kenco. We offer agile B2B and D2C eCommerce fulfillment solutions for companies of any size—whether you’re getting your operations off the ground or are ready to scale.

Industries Served

Solutions for Any Industry

Every industry has its unique supply chain challenges—and we’ve truly seen it all! Our recommendations and best practices are built on 70 years of experience across various industries.


Supply Chain

Innovation & Technology

At Kenco, we embrace collaborative innovation and pragmatic technology adoption to help our customers reach their supply chain goals—whether it’s to boost customer satisfaction, drive down costs, increase capacity and meet demand, or retain employees.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Get the visibility you need to optimize every facet of your supply chain operations, including fulfillment, forecasting, MHE asset tracking, labor management, transportation, and more.

Logistics Engineering and Consulting

Propel your business forward with our Logistics Engineering and Consulting services. Our consultants combine PhD-level training and years of experience across a variety of industries to deliver proven solutions for optimizing supply chains.


Our Dedication to Safety & Quality

Safety is our number one priority at Kenco. Our comprehensive safety management programs are designed to keep our associates and drivers safe on the job. We take every precaution to minimize hazards and risks, starting with promoting a safety culture from the start. Our team members, led by an experienced group of Certified Safety Professionals, hold numerous safety certifications. For added safety benefits, we even have dedicated staff focusing on specific safety areas, like hazmat and ergonomics.

Our Health & Safety Philosophy

  • Foster a Thriving Culture
  • Capitalize on Capabilities
  • Mitigate High Potential Events
  • Build Robust Safety Systems
  • Continuously Learn & Improve


Promoting Safer, More Productive Workplaces

Compared to industry standards, Kenco performs 42% better in recordable injuries and 34% better  in lost-time injuries. On average, we save our customers nearly $375,000 annually in work injury costs.