Transportation Integrations
and Technology

At Kenco, we’re putting cutting edge technologies to use in practical ways. Through a combination of our own proprietary software plus technology partnerships, these innovations are helping to cut costs, optimize routes, provide better product visibility, and keep drivers safe.

Plan, Execute, and Optimize Transportation—From a Single, Centralized Hub

Kenco’s Transportation Management System (TMS) empowers shippers to run their transportation operations with crystal clear visibility and confidence. Our TMS control tower provides a bird’s eye view of all your transportation operations so you can spot areas to improve and optimize.


  • See carrier rates
  • Consolidate shipments
  • Optimize routes by cost, transit time, or other requirement
  • Manage freight bills and payments
  • Analyze performance

See It In Action

Accessible, Affordable Shipping for Small and Mid-Sized Shippers

Our transportation management system (TMS) for small to mid-sized shippers, TM LITE, unlocks the resources and competitive freight rates to help boost their competitive advantage against larger shippers.

Leveraging Transportation Management Software to Increase Service and Lower Costs

Don’t miss out on opportunities to optimize your transportation processes and improve customer service. Read more about why a TMS is a necessary tool in your shipper’s toolbox.

Always On the
Cutting Edge

We’re continuously researching, piloting, and expanding our transportation tech partnerships to improve operations and provide better service to our customers. These innovations have allowed us to provide pinpoint accuracy on shipments, connect drivers to warehouse associates to improve coordination at the receiving dock, and prevent safety incidents.


Driving Safety
through Tech

Safety is our number one priority at Kenco. Our vehicles are outfitted with the SmartDrive Camera system, utilizing outward facing cameras to detect objects in front of or to the side of the truck, mitigating dozens of potential accidents.

Learn More About Our
Transportation Services

Transportation Management

Transportation Management

Kenco’s Transportation Management Services ensures the safe and secure transport of goods. Our custom solutions reduce costs and transit times, while helping our customers achieve end-to-end visibility into product movements.

Freight Brokerage

Freight Brokerage

Get the best rates and most reliable service in a pinch. We partner with thousands of carriers across the nation to provide you with the transportation capacity when and where you need it.

Dedicated Contract Carriage

Dedicated Contract Carriage

Guarantee capacity, understand and control costs, and reduce risk. Our dedicated contract carriage services provide you with exclusive use of equipment and drivers to meet your business’ transportation needs.

Transportation Solutions Overview

Transportation Solutions Overview

Get your goods from point A to B—quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. Kenco’s comprehensive suite of transportation services reduces costs and provides crystal clear transit visibility, especially in times of unprecedented market uncertainty.