Material Handling

Our warehouses are equipped with best-in-class material handling automation technology to increase operational efficiency and productivity, while improving safety.

Implementing Best-of-Breed Material Handling Automation Technology

Our state-of-the-art warehouse facilities utilize the latest material handling innovations and tech.

Automated Storage
and Retrieving System (ASRS)

Kenco partners with AutoStore, using its robotic shuttling system to increase warehouse storage capacity and save on labor costs.

Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Kenco uses autonomous robots from Locus Robotics in our warehouse facilities to increase volume and throughput, improve picking accuracy, reduce travel times, and meet SLAs.


Improvement in Units Picked Per Hour


Strategically-placed conveyors in our warehouses help to transport, load, unload, and sort items, relieving bottlenecks and increasing throughput.


Our mixed-case palletizers can handle a variety of box shapes and sizes for optimal inventory stacking and transport within the warehouse.

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Telematic Data & Reporting

Telematic Data & Reporting

Allow us to be your single point of contact for all your logistics needs and reap the benefits of more seamless operations and lower costs.

Fleet Management & Maintenance

Fleet Management & Maintenance

Optimize total cost of ownership of your MH with Kenco’s fleet management. Our solutions are designed to maximize equipment uptime and productivity, while reducing costs.

Material Handling Equipment Solutions Overview

Material Handling Equipment Solutions Overview

Kenco’s comprehensive material handling services help minimize downtime, extend the life of forklifts and critical machinery, and enable safer and more efficient warehouse operations.