As a business leader, you need a primer to codify the original intent and context of your words, so they do not evolve over time to mean something you never intended. For this reason, I wanted a document our leadership could reference that expanded each point of our existing “guiding principles” here at Kenco. I wanted to show the thought process that served as the foundation to each phrase of the Guiding Principles. I hope this document can support discussion of the Guiding Principles at our locations across North America.

If you are a Kenco customer, you can rest assured we use this culture code as a framework for our transparency, integrity, and honesty in our relationship.

If you are not yet a customer––please know we hold these principles as the standard across our work, and we hope they help us earn your business. Here are just a few of the core beliefs you’ll find within the slides:

  • Kenco will not prioritize profits over integrity:

A high integrity organization cultivates long-term relationships, which leads to profitability and prosperity for all.

  • Embrace our social, environmental, and economic responsibilities:

At Kenco, we define sustainability in the broadest terms, looking beyond only the environmental context. Sustainability is about ensuring a healthy future for all. These three pillars of sustainability––social, environmental, and economic––are intrinsically linked.

  • Deliver results through discipline & stewardship:

We deliver results through a relentless, disciplined pursuit of audacious goals, while at the same time adhering to our enduring values. Stewardship is a mindset that recognizes our responsibility for the resources entrusted to us.

“Setting Our Sails” As a 3PL: Kenco’s Guiding Principles

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Are You Culturally Aligned With Your 3PL?

We hope our SlideShare has shown you how we became the company we are today. We strive for excellence, never settle, and aim to drive value for our customers. Your 3PL should hold your goals in high esteem, as well. However, if you feel you might not be on the same page as your logistics partner––whether it is with pricing, sourcing, or process––you deserve to find a better cultural fit.

Your business, your customers, and your success depend on the many partnerships across your supply chain.

We strive to create uncommon value for our partners in everything we do. From undiscovered areas of cost-savings to streamlining processes and supply chain operations, we find the opportunity for growth in our relationships. To dive further into this uncommon value, we’ve created a free guide available for you to read anytime.

In it, you’ll find customer stories and testimonials, an exact breakdown of Kenco’s holistic supply chain services, and how we elevate your brand to grow your customer happiness.