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During these uncertain times, Kenco would like to recognize the skill and dedication of our many employees who have been working to keep the supply chain moving. From operating non-commercial vehicles to keeping shipments moving, no matter the demand, our truck drivers and warehouse associates are truly serving the country’s needs. We at Kenco are proud to employ such drivers, warehouse associates, and other employees who continue to show commitment to their craft while keeping pace with changing industry standards and maintaining the highest levels of safety. 

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With many of our office employees having served as truck drivers themselves, we understand the unique challenges drivers face and the immense value they provide. Especially in times of uncertainty and volatility, truck drivers are instrumental in keeping the economy moving. These behind-the-scenes employees are truly driving commerce, making it possible for business to continue locally, nationally, and internationally.

Along with the drivers, warehouse associates are instrumental in keeping our supply chain moving. They are the individuals keeping the trucks filled so that all essential goods like medical supplies continue to be delivered. We are so impressed that these associates continue to show up, day in and day out, while taking all the new and expanding precautions to remain safe and healthy. 

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Now, more than ever, is an important opportunity to salute the valuable contributions our associates deliver every day. We thank them for the important role they play in keeping critical industries moving, their constant professionalism, and their ability to manage the demands of today’s logistics landscape. Through their commitment, our economy can operate and distribute goods. At Kenco, we are honored to work with each and every employee in our network, and we thank them for their commitment to excellence.