After numerous requests from industry fans, Kenco is proud to offer a 2018 installment of our popular “Top Supply Chain Management Publications” post. Selected just as thoughtfully as our nods to physical trade publications in that first edition, these 16 digital versions hold an incredible amount of information, news, techniques, and so much more for supply chain industry professionals.

In fact, many of these are the same resources we subscribe to and read, ourselves. If you follow suit, you’ll always have a healthy dose of industry insight and top news from credible sources in your inbox.


In alphabetical order, here are the industry content leaders paving the way for shared knowledge and innovation:

Food Logistics

A must-read for any supply chain professionals who work with edibles, Food Logistics offers interesting articles on everything from new food preservation methods to reports on shortages and surpluses in the industry. Particularly insightful when it comes to the “cold chain” required to move perishables, the site offers an excellent mix of both domestic and international food-based insights.


Freight waves is a “data and content forum that provides market participants with near-time analytics on the state of the freight market and tools that provide actionable outcomes.” In order to provide the latest updates, FreightWaves partners with numerous data providers in the freight marketplace. The website features a variety of blogs, podcasts, webinars and infographics to keep you updated on all aspects of freight markets.

Inbound Logistics

Widely considered one of the most trustworthy voices in the supply chain industry, Inbound Logistics supports a regular posting roster of useful articles with modern flair. In addition to an online version of its popular magazine publication, the site also offers easy-access databases of company profiles, solution providers, surveys, and a steady stream of branded tweets to keep readers updated on the latest inbound news.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management (presented by The Balance)

This interesting twist on industry news puts niche segmentation at the reader’s fingertips, with 7 discrete news categories: ranging from supply chain basics to wholesaler-specific information. Geared toward a newer crop of professionals eager to learn, this resource is an excellent place to start if you’re just gaining your footing in the warehouse.

Material Handling and Logistics

This site offers a surprisingly dense array of information aimed at mid-to-high-level, experienced professionals. It offers tips for optimization and efficiency in nearly every aspect of the supply chain. To get the most out of Material Handling and Logistics‘ excellent articles, look for the newsletter signup on its main page. Opting in to the ones that match your interests will keep you on the forefront of industry knowledge.

Modern Materials Handling

Where the other publications on the list thus far have cast a reasonably wide subject net, Modern Materials Handling is squarely aimed at professionals that work inside the warehouse. From subjects like robotic picking and packing to forklift management, this resource is excellent for any warehouse manager who wants to be on top of their game.

Supply Chain 24/7 (managed by Peerless)

No list of digital supply chain publications would be complete without this popular news source. High-level subjects like AI frequently make its headlines. This is the place to go if you want to stay ahead of the trends. Subjects like ethics and politics also appear often, and the tone of the site is refreshing and engaging.

Supply and Demand Chain Executive

As the name suggests, this is a resource tailor-made for those in the C-Suite or decision-making management positions in the supply chain. SDCE focuses on providing real advice and value through comparisons and critiques of high-level companies, industry movements, opportunities, and threats. It’s a great site to have in your corner when those tough decisions loom in supply chain design.

top-digital-supply-chain-publications-of-2017-supply-chain-brain.pngSupply Chain Brain

Diverse not only in content but also the medium, Supply Chain Brain offers a little something for everyone. Busy executives on-the-go can even download podcasts. For those facing important decisions about design and workflow, whitepapers and supplier case studies are available at a click. International supply chain news and a more traditional blog posts are also available to browse, as this is a true one-stop shop for news.

Supply Chain Digest

This site is unique in that it offers something the others may not: videocasts. For visual researchers, this specialized feature is priceless, as is the “on-demand” television channel that offers similar content directly on the page. (In a rare bit of levity, this resource also hosts a weekly business cartoon captioning contest!)

Supply Chain Digital

Interested in skimmable takeaways over lengthy articles? You’ll love the listicle-like “Top 10” feature at Supply Chain Digital. One click will lead you to a page of “Top 10” lists that covers everything from supply chain industry thought leaders to standout international airports for cargo. No spam or hyperbole here: just a great way to break it down to the basics.

Supply Chain Dive

Supply Chain Dive provides all of the latest trends, events, and data for you to stay informed on the supply chain news. This industry leader updates data and insights weekly to keep you up-to-date. Read through a library of eBooks or contribute your thoughts to Supply Chain Dive’s ViewpointsThe site also features “What We’re Reading,” where Supply Chain Dive editors share other industry news sources daily.

top-digital-supply-chain-publications-of-2017-supply-chain-insights.pngSupply Chain Insights

The digital home of well-known supply chain expert Lora Cecere, Supply Chain Insights breaks the news as much as it covers it from other sources. When the site’s not running events, podcasts or important industry polls, it posts articles and how-to guides with actionable insights. It’s a great resource for businesses at every level of success.

Supply Chain Management Review (managed by Peerless)

Run by the same minds behind SupplyChain247, Supply Chain Management Review brings the same approach to excellence with a more intensive look at the challenges of management roles within the supply chain. Blogs, webcasts, and articles all round out their media approach, and its content is easy to access and digest.

Supply Chain Network

With a structure that’s closer to a personal blog rather than a news aggregate site, Supply Chain Network‘s layout is easy to navigate. With monthly archives that stretch back into 2007, it’s an excellent platform to track the speed and evolution of certain supply chain innovations. An extensive category list also makes it simple to filter your reading list to your specific interests.

Talking Logistics

Last, but certainly not least, Talking Logistics is an insightful and respected industry resource that Kenco is pleased to sponsor. With on-site courses for career development, guest commentaries, and cleverly-built sponsored “channels” for articles and news, it’s an in-depth read to help expand your supply chain approaches and learn how to think outside the box.

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