CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – July 19, 2022 – North America’s largest women-owned third-party logistics company, Kenco Group, is announced as third ranked 3PL in Inbound Logistics’ 2022 Top 10 3PL Providers Awards.

Inbound Logistics’ rankings are decided by users of 3PL services, including customers, to identify industry leaders based on criteria that includes service performance and range of capabilities. Kenco has been included as a Top 10 3PL provider for the past ten years and maintained their number three spot for the second year in a row.

The logistics market has been nothing short of volatile the past few years, and consistently ranking in the Top 10 shows that customers recognize Kenco’s strong abilities in the logistics space.

“During the past year, Kenco has continued to hold tight the tenants that made us a reliable and agile partner for our clients,” said Denis Reilly, President and CEO of Kenco Group, “We take pride in our innovative solutions and customer-centric operations, and that’s what will continue to drive success for our clients.”

In the past year, Kenco has continued to counteract the cards dealt by the market with creativity and foresight that comes from over 70 years of experience. To overcome the challenging labor market, Kenco has implemented new programs to entice and retain workers at their over 90 distribution centers. One of the new initiatives is a flexible scheduling program, allowing their workers to build a schedule that suits their life. Additionally, Kenco has expanded their employee resources to encourage and uplift previously overlooked employees in the workplace.

For over a decade, Kenco has doubled-down on innovation and this year was no different. Their industry-leading Innovation Lab has explored the newest and best tools in logistics and taken many to full implementation for clients. Through these efforts, Kenco has provided millions in cost savings, a reduced dependency on labor, improved efficiency, and unprecedented insights, even in unpredictable market conditions.

“We are constantly piloting new innovations that offer advanced solutions,” said Reilly, “We aim to help our clients stay ahead of the volatile market and competition. These tools range from tangible hardware – like robots and automation tools – to intelligent software – like AI and visibility solutions.”

Kenco is proud that customers chose to keep them ranked as Top 10 3PL for another year. As a provider of distribution, transportation, fulfillment, and MHE services, Kenco Group can offer a variety of fully integrated solutions. To learn more about the top 3PL, visit

About Kenco

Kenco supplies integrated logistics solutions that include distribution, eCommerce fulfillment, comprehensive transportation management and material handling equipment services, and customized supply chain solutions – all designed for Operational Excellence. Kenco is the largest women-owned third-party logistics company in North America, building lasting customer relationships for over 70 years. Kenco’s focus is to support customers’ business needs through connected solutions and to redefine third-party logistics by offering innovative solutions.