FleetCloud™ transforms MHE processes to drive safety, compliance, and productivity

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – January 2020 – Kenco Logistics, one of North America’s leading third-party logistics providers, is proud to announce the launch of Kenco FleetCloud™as part of the company’s digital transformation journey. This proprietary telematics solution streamlines material handling equipment (MHE) processes and monitoring equipment performance to drive efficiency, safety, and compliance. By providing real-time visibility into a wide range of metrics that impact MHE operations, Kenco FleetCloud™ empowers managers to make data-driven business decisions that keep costs low and productivity high.

Many industry sources indicate that recruiting and retaining a skilled and qualified workforce is one of their biggest challenges. Kenco FleetCloud™ tackles this challenge head-on, providing managers with real-time insights into their MHE operators’ performance while simplifying the capture of incident reports. As a result, they are empowered to understand their employees’ operator behaviors to create new training opportunities and ensure they are getting the best performance from their employees.

“Kenco FleetCloud™ represents our continued commitment to the innovation and forward-thinking technology that drive our customers’ success,” said Jeff Burns, president of Kenco Logistics Material Handling Services, KMHS. “Customers should absolutely expect tangible results from Kenco FleetCloud™, and we’re excited to see how they each uniquely leverage the solution to reach their goals.”

With product customization to fit every company’s unique needs and challenges, Kenco FleetCloud™ provides customers with access to the systems, processes, and responsive service team that ensure they are fully optimizing its features and capabilities. And because it is completely brand-agnostic, customers can feel confident it will integrate with any MHE their business requires in the future.

Kenco FleetCloud™ allows warehouse and supply chain safety managers to ensure the protection of both their operators and assets. The solution’s industry-leading safety features include:

  • Advanced equipment access control
  • Required completion of OSHA compliance checklist
  • Impact and incident reporting
  • Notification of scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Real-time access to operator performance data
  • Two-way messaging when MHE unit is not in use

In addition to its safety capabilities, Kenco FleetCloud™ enables warehouse managers to deliver both time and cost efficiency. The system provides information on unit utilization, empowering managers to make data-driven decisions regarding the right size of fleet for their operation. Additional efficiency can be achieved through the streamlining of operator data maintenance, tasks that can be time-consuming without digital tools. The proactive notification of scheduled preventative maintenance for each unit can also prevent costly down-time associated with unexpected equipment breakdowns. By ensuring all data is current and compliant, they can avoid fines or even facility shutdowns by regulatory bodies like OSHA. Kenco FleetCloud™ gives warehouse and supply chain managers all the tools they need to optimize their operations, all within one easy-to-use interface.

To learn more about Kenco FleetCloud™, visit https://kencogroup.com/services/material-handling/fleet-cloud/.

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