Kenco Logistics Celebrates National Mentoring Month

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.—January 27, 2020—

For David Telkamp, Site Operations Manager, and Omar Pineda, Operations Supervisor, Kenco Logistics, the power of mentoring has been a very real influence in their lives. Both credit mentors with their career advancement and a personal commitment to mentor others – co-workers, high school students or even a stranger needing a ride home.

Recognizing strengths and opportunities

“When I joined Kenco, I was 25 years old and thought I knew everything I needed to be successful,” said David. Looking back, he said, “An operations manager took me under his wing and helped me see the big picture.” Part of the big picture, according to David, was learning that managing a warehouse is not just about boxes and forklifts and being a supervisor is not “telling people what to do.”

With help of mentors along the way, he realized that relationships matter, and team members are vital to the success of any operation. He credits Kenco with giving him a good foundation with training, but more importantly with helping him grow in his career and his personal life.

Paying it forward

David had a chance to “pay it forward” by mentoring Omar, an operations supervisor at Kenco. Omar said that David’s guidance helped him to find his career path and continue to grow. “Feedback is so important – positive and negative so you can fill in the gaps,” Omar said. That was not always not his experience in the workplace. In some instances, he said he felt “like a number” not a valued part of the team. He feels a great sense of accomplishment every day when he goes to work and gratitude for his mentors.

Opportunities are all around

Both David and Omar make it a point to mentor others in their personal lives. Omar said, “I saw a young man hitchhiking on my way home from work. I stopped and gave him a ride home.” During that ride, he shared some thoughts with his passenger about learning and developing a career so that he would be able to afford his own car.

David coached high school football as a volunteer for many years. He used the opportunity to teach more than how to throw a football – about teamwork, being positive and accepting chances to grow. The students he coached are now college graduates and often get together for dinner with David.

These are just two stories that show the power of mentoring. As we celebrate National Mentoring Month, it may be a great time to recognize the people who have made a difference in your life and consider ways to help others through mentoring.  

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