The prescriptive analytics tool also honored with the Outstanding IEOM Data Analytics/Data Science Award

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — January 11, 2022— Kenco Logistics, one of North America’s leading third-party logistics (3PL) providers, has announced the latest software update to its industry-leading prescriptive analytics solution DaVinci AI to deliver volume predictions at over 90% accuracy. The update addresses customer feedback by enhancing labor planning and utilization amid supply chain disruptions and workforce shortages. The updated solution has already been implemented in warehouse sites across the United States.

Originally released in 2020 and powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tailored to customers’ businesses, DaVinci AI delivers advanced analytics to provide increased visibility throughout the supply chain. With the COVID-19 pandemic creating record-breaking labor shortages and supply chain disruptions, Kenco’s customers needed a solution to improve workforce utilization, driving the company to update DaVinci AI with enhanced labor planning accuracy.

“This product update was absolutely guided by our customers’ feedback as they navigated the pandemic,” said Satish Vadlamani, Senior Manager for Advanced Analytics at Kenco Logistics. “One of their biggest challenges was labor planning when their historical volume data was no longer relevant due to the impact of the pandemic. They came to our team asking for a solution, and it’s exciting to see how DaVinci AI is meeting their needs and empowering customers across industries, especially during these unprecedented times.”

The updated DaVinci AI’s models allow organizations to predict warehouse volume up to six weeks in advance, enhancing decision-making processes. Predictive algorithms calculate future volume rates, allowing the solution to deliver prescriptive labor planning directives. Rather than relying on last-minute hires, DaVinci AI’s long-term forecasting capabilities allows companies to procure the right talent at the right cost, reducing over- and understaffing while improving productivity, efficiency and ultimately the customer experience. The updated solution is projected to generate savings of up to $300,000 in labor costs for some customers.

As a result of DaVinci AI’s impact on the industry, Kenco Logistics was honored with the Outstanding IEOM Data Analytics/Data Science Award by IEOM Society at the International industrial Engineering and Operations Management Conference.

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