CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. —March 30, 2021—Kenco Logistics, one of North America’s leading third-party logistics providers, is highlighting the results of a pilot program with Soter Analytics, a leading wearable technology company. In the physically demanding warehouse environment, the Clip&Go solution trains associates to bend, move, and lift safely, ultimately leading to a 22% reduction of hazardous movements by Kenco associates. The implementation of this technology, amidst growth in customers, revenue, and headcount in its 70th year of operation, continues Kenco’s tradition of innovation and market leadership.

Kenco Uses Soter Technology to Aid Workers

Seeking to empower its people and customers through connected solutions, and with a commitment to leveraging digital transformation to achieve results, Kenco is proactive about scouting the right technologies to enhance its working environment with innovative and safety-focused products. Carefully compared with other wearable technologies on market for musculoskeletal safety, the Clip&Go program was chosen as the best fit for the organization.

When in use, the small clip on wearable sensor provides real-time audible and vibration biofeedback, alerting workers if they make hazardous movements. The individualized notifications optimize training and health, assisting injury prevention and overuse issues, creating sustainable change through real-time training.

“Kenco is a leader in implementing innovative technology for their customers and partnering for this pilot program allowed us the opportunity to highlight the benefits of a data-driven safety device,” said Guillaume Le Goff, Chief Commercial Officer at Soter Analytics. “We knew that building a culture of safety is a high priority at Kenco warehouses so implementing a tool to minimize hazardous movements was a natural fit. The results of the pilot continue to highlight the benefit of the Clip&Go program for warehouse associates.”

Safety and Productivity Improved

Focusing on early intervention and prevention by minimizing hazardous movements that lead to potential injuries, instead of injury recovery, has provided Kenco with an extra tool to assist in its safety goals. Tested primarily with associates known as “pickers” whose duties require them to lift, bend, twist, and reach with great frequency, the technology provides each associate with personalized feedback. The Soter device helps associates understand their bodies and where improvements and changes can be made, creating a safer work environment.

The Clip&Go program stood out for its ability to deploy and scale with minimal invasion. Using technology to assist in injury prevention provided Kenco with a solution that not only allowed real time self-correction learning for the workers but gave management objective insight into associate behavior.

“The Soter device gently yet persistently raises the level of awareness, building a good incentive to use better body mechanics,” said Miguel Trivino, director of environmental, health, and safety at Kenco Logistics. “The results of the Soter pilot program showed us that this product is an effective tool to reduce incorrect lifting, which can lead to fatigue, soreness, and even injury. This program has been so successful that we have invested in more Soter devices and expanded the program to additional facilities.”

To view the full results of this pilot program, read this case study

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