CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.–For Kenco Logistics, one of North America’s leading third-party logistics providers, 2020 was a year of tremendous momentum, growth, and innovation. Kenco continued to provide unparalleled value to its customers, even as the company and the world adjusted to the new reality of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the implementation of creative new technologies and processes, the expansion of its industry-leading transportation service offerings, and the guidance of thought leaders and experts, Kenco has finished the year strong. As a result, the company has grown in revenue and headcount in its 70th year, and as the recipient of a wide range of industry awards, continues to be recognized as a market leader.

Kenco Service Offerings Achieved Record Growth

Transportation Management
In 2020, the transportation division of Kenco achieved significant scalability, building on its strong foundation of transportation services and capabilities to deliver world-class service to customers while remaining agile enough to rapidly to a changing landscape.As a result of significant investments in resources and technology, the transportation management division achieved nearly 100% growth in 2020.

Freight Brokerage
The freight brokerage team grew its number of active carriers by 53% to support its clients’ capacity needs. This growth can be attributed to the team’s commitment to cultivating rich personal relationships with customers and carriers through its unique “cradle to grave” service model, wherein clients and customers work with a single point of contact to ensure maximum responsiveness and customer satisfaction. As a result of this growth, the freight brokerage division plans to expand its headcount aggressively in 2021 and continue its legacy of teamwork and success.

The addition of Dan Coll as vice president of eCommerce fulfillment was key to the success of the eCommerce service offering. Under his guidance, the division experienced a year of growth working with customers to expand their digital native brands and optimize their supply chains. Many of Kenco’s eCommerce clients experienced their own significant growth in Q4, surpassing forecasts by as much as 4X, which resulted in growth of over 500% for Kenco’s eCommerce fulfillment business unit.

Supply Chain Innovation That Takes Digital Transformation to New Heights
Last year marked the first anniversary of the Innovation Labs’ new expanded warehouse space, during which the labs identified over $5 million in customer savings. Kenco’s Innovation Labs spent 2020 designing and producing new technologies that streamline supply chains and give customers the tools to succeed. New solutions developed by Kenco’s Innovation Labs include:

  • DaVinci AI, an advanced analytics platform, powers customers’ digital transformation by providing predictive insights to drive prescriptive actions, enabling advanced visibility and transparency.
  • Kenco’s eCommerce Fulfillment Technology Platform, a technology stack designed to connect customers with supply chain partners and sales channels to enable fast, accurate, and cost-effective order fulfillment.

“What sets Kenco apart as a leader is our commitment to innovation that directly drives customers’ goals and preferred outcomes,” said Denis Reilly, president and CEO at Kenco. “With over 70 years of experience in the industry, Kenco understands its customers better than anyone, and we leverage that experience to constantly innovate and grow. In 2020, we prioritized thoughtful, sophisticated, and agile technology development that aligns with this commitment and drives digital transformation at every level of the supply chain.”

A Year of Recognition by the Industry

Kenco is proud to have been recognized in 2020 as a supply chain market leader by key industry publications. Notable acknowledgments and awards include:

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